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The Best Monetizing Tools Ever

Everyone is looking for this magic button, which brings the surplus profit from the site. We haven’t got such button, BUT from now on you have a fascinating opportunity to increase your earnings with MageNet. The monetization process has never been that easy. Spend 10 minutes to install the plugin once and log in only to withdraw your balance. Save your time and energy for fun, family, or other business affairs!  Universal Plugin The Universal Plugin is applicable for the websites based on multiple types of engines (not only WordPress). Universal Plugin allows choosing the location and amount of the ads to place on the web page, unlike WordPress Plugin. How to install the Universal Plugin browse the Universal Plugin Installation Guide. Characteristics Applicable for the web sites based on multiple types of engines (not only WordPress) Allows to choose the location and amount of the ads to be placed on the webpage Сhanges the anchor text or the hyperlink if some corrections are required. More flexible, than WordPress Plugin Hader to install, what makes it more reliable tool WordPress Plugin The WordPress Plugin can be installed only on the sites created on WordPress. It allows you to sell text ads on your website automatically. The Plugin is easy to install. Spend only 2 minutes and not a minute more for your site monetization. Log in only to withdraw your balance. Learn how to activate this plugin. Or watch the video instruction.
Characteristics Applicable for websites created on WordPress Easy to install, for beginner Place the ads in the footer or sidebar of the site What benefits will you get using Monetization Plugins by MageNet? Automatically install ads on selected pages Save you from errors which occur during manual ads placement Increase your Performance Rate, so you have more chances to get an offer Full control of pages that are available for advertising You shouldn’t put yourself to ads installation/removing bother You can view detailed statistics of your ads and pages Remove the ads canceled by buyer, so that the web pages are not overwhelmed with contextual ads Save your time and brings more profit If you know the value of time and admire to make your websites monetizing process easier, install one of the monetizing plugins. It’s up to you which one to choose. Note! If you don’t have enough experience or time to install the plugin on every site in your account, you can ask us to do it for you for $5 fee. For more details go here.

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