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Texas Middle School Teacher Pregnant by her 13 years old Student

Alexandria Vera, a former middle school teacher, has been arrested after admitting to police that she was in love with one of her students and had sex with him on ‘almost a daily basis’ — starting when he was only 13 years old! Is anyone else TOTALLY skeeved out by this?

This is SO crazy! Alexandria Vera, 24, has turned herself over to authorities after being charged with continual sexual abuse of a child. The boy she reportedly had sex with is now 14 and was a student of hers at Thomas J. Stovall Middle School in Houston, Texas. Apparently the two carried on a relationship for nearly five months, and Alexandria even admitted that she became pregnant with the boy’s child! 

WHAT?! Get all the details below.

“I have chills just because of this, just to think that the teacher would even do something like this,” Mary Claycomb, a parent at Stovall Middle School revealed to ABC 13 News. And we definitely don’t disagree! An adult should never take advantage of a child like that.

Apparently, the alleged sex offender began seeing the boy back in September after he was a summer school student in her 8th grade English class, according to court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle. And their flirtation allegedly all started when the young teen asked Alexandria for her Instagram handle so that they could follow each other on social media.


Initially refusing his request, Alexandria claimed that when he didn’t show up to class one day, she messaged the boy via Insta. From there, it was all downhill! The two soon exchanged phone numbers and even started spending time with each other outside of school, the court papers allege.

And if that’s not enough, other students even witnessed the pair packing on major PDA in CLASS — ew! “He like grabbed her butt, and everybody saw it,” a student, who didn’t identify herself, told the news outlet. “And then they were talking about it.” Talk about openly inappropriate behavior!

The boy also allegedly stayed the night at Alexandria’s house frequently and the couple had sex with each other nearly every day, according to court documents. To throw others off, Alexandria would introduce him as her little brother when people saw them together, according to neighbors.

When an investigator with the school district’s police department confronted her about the relationship, she shockingly told officials that her and the boy were in love and that the boy’s parents were accepting of their relationship. Alexandria was immediately put on administrative leave following her April interview in which she candidly admitted to the relationship, a statement from the school said.

Alexandria also admitted that she had met the boy’s parents at a school open house and was later introduced to his family as the boy’s “girlfriend.” But the icing on this creepy cake? When the former teacher became pregnant with the boy’s baby, the family allegedly “was very supportive and excited about the baby,” according to court documents.


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