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11 Warning Signs that Your Computer is Malware-Infected !!

Here’s one of the scenarios you may not like, but which sadly, could happen to you any day. You’re working on an important project and suddenly, you start seeing annoying pop-ups showing up on your computer. More than that, it takes too long for your files or apps to load. …

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Advantages of Malware Link Scanners ??

Advantages of Malware Link Scanners Reduced Risks Scanning a link before clicking it reduces the potential risks of malware infection. This is important because you won’t have to deal with the effects of attacks. By making sure your kinks are scanned before opening helps to secure your system. Saves Time …

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What is a Malware Link Checker Virus?

What is a Malware Link Checker Virus? Cybercriminals are using the internet as their main avenue to spread malware. Often, malware links are commonly utilized as baits to attack gullible users. Ransomware is one of the most common malware that spreads through links. In 2018 alone, spam emails with malicious …

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