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Rita Ora’s Nude Selfie Goes Viral

A nude selfie of Rita Ora is likely receiving a lot of views right now. The British singer’s self-snapped and unclothed hoto has already proven viral enough in nature to make The Daily Mail’s headlines.

The photo showed Rita, 29, using nothing but strawberry emoji to cover her modesty as she posed completely naked in a bedroom. The “Let You Love Me” singer was showcasing her sizzling curves and taut stomach for her 15.8 million Instagram followers, although with Instagram’s stories only staying live for 24 hours, anyone heading over to Rita’s stories will find that the photo has evaporated from the digital space.

Fortunately, people have been taking screenshots. We did, and you can see the sexy selfie below.

‘Z Z Z’, But Followers Were Likely Wide Awake

Rita Ora takes a nude selfie
Rita Ora takes a nude selfie

Rita used some text in her image.

“Z Z Z,” she wrote, suggesting that the photo was a bedtime one.

Fans do know where the selfie was taken. Rita was in Miami, where she was spotted on the beach and shooting for German footwear brand, Diechmann.

Whether or not the nude snap was a tongue-in-cheek joke following Rita’s recent wardrobe malfunction is unknown. Either way, it likely made for great viewing amid the singer’s social media followers.

Dubbed 2019’s ‘Underboob Queen’

Rita Ora takes a selfie in a bikini
Rita Ora takes a selfie in a bikini

Bikini pics are definitely plentiful over on Rita’s Instagram – as is praise. The singer was even dubbed the “underboob queen” of 2019 by The Blast, with a gallery of images definitely proving that the talented blonde has more than just her voice for assets.

Rita also isn’t one to hold back with her captions. As chronicled in the above-mentioned report, Rita kicked 2020 off with a sexy bikini snap, asking her fans:

“A Little 1st jan bathroom holiday selfie. I think I need to figure out my bra size ?.”

Now A Judge On Britain’s ‘The Masked Singer’

Rita has landed herself a sweet reality judging gig. The star is on the panel for the U.K.’s version of “The Masked Singer” – she’s also not the only recording face to be on non-U.S. version of the show: singer and actress Lindsay Lohan has been judging on Australia’s version of the popular series.

A showed some excitement from Ora regarding her participation on the show.

“I am sooo excited to be part of the @maskedsingeruk family!! I’m sorry I can’t be with my fellow judges @davinamccall, @kenjeong and @mewossy today but I’m sure they have it covered. If they all make jokes about me – it’s probably true!” she wrote.

Her Workout Game Is Off The Hook

Rita Ora poses in a pink bikini
Rita Ora poses in a pink bikini

Celebrity bikini bodies don’t build themselves. Rita harnesses an impressive amount of muscle to accompany her curves, and she’s spoken about her fitness routine.

“I do circuit training. I usually work out for one or two hours, depending on how much time I have. I do three circuits and repeat that three times. I mostly focus on my thighs and my bum, so I do a lot of squats and weight lifting. And I do one circuit of cardio,” she told Shape.

Looks like the workouts are paying off…

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