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Quality Reward: How Quality Website Helps You Earn More

                                                    Quality Reward Program

All MageNet publishers have the opportunity to be rewarded for adding quality websites. We’re using an algorithm that calculates a Quality Rank for your websites based on a number of parameters, that we’ll talk about a bit later. With our updated Quality Reward Program you can earn up to 150% extra commission for contextual ad sales. The bonus you’ll get each month in addition to your monthly earnings will depend on several parameters: Website Size Score, DA Score, PA Score, IP Score and the competition in your niche. Here’s a brief description of what influences your extra earnings: Website Size Score – The more indexed pages your website has – the higher your Website Size Score will be. Here’s how many score points you can get depending on the number of indexed pages:
IP Score – MageNet encourages you not to host multiple websites on a single server with 1 IP address, but the final decision is up to you. Hosting over 5 sites on 1 IP address will give you a negative IP score of (-10). In any other case, your IP Score will be 0. Category Competition – Depending on the competition in your niche and the number of sales you generate with your site, your category competition score can vary from 0 to 13. If the SB rank of your page is less than 6 – your category score will be counted in the final bonus formula. In case your page is SB6+, your category score will not be counted in the final equation. How we calculate your bonus We use a plain formula to calculate your bonus score. The bonus is calculated for each page separately. So if you have earnings for multiple pages and websites – you’ll get a different bonus score for each:
Tip: Our clients are looking for DA50+ links from Brazil, Indonesia, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy and Canada in the following niches: Business Services, Employment & Work, Aerospace & Defence, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Industrial Goods & Services, Management, Health, Medicine, Pharmacy. The competition in these niches is low and your contextual ads will be purchased fast. You’ll also get a higher bonus for adding such websites.

Improving your site’s quality

What to do if your site isn’t yet of a good quality? As we mentioned above, there are some aspects of your site you can influence to rank better within the Quality reward program. You can start with optimizing your on-page SEO. It’s not about all those tags you have to work with on every page of your site. They are undoubtedly important, but what matters in terms of quality improvement are the signals that your site values its existing and potential readers. Make sure you provide privacy policy to the users and tell them what information you’re gathering about them if any. Keep an eye on the bounce rate and do your best to decrease it by having a user-friendly layout and design, and by creating relevant content. Have your contacts presented on the site, this will enhance your credibility in the eyes of Google and our system as well. Work on your branding even if you’re a small business of two people. Create a brand name and start using it consistently, be present on social media and have links to your profiles on your About Us page. Haven’t got an About Us page yet? It’s high time to create it! Take control of your links. Both inbound and outbound links are a signal of your site’s quality. Or its absence. That’s why don’t include links to sites of poor quality, as they will take you down. What’s equally important, don’t allow low-quality sites place backlinks pointing to you. Have a look at your domain. You may already know that a domain that has been registered quite some time ago is a good sign for a website, and “fresh” domain may have a harmful impact on your site’s credibility. In addition, it makes a very big difference when you own a paid version of a site. For instance, MageNet’s plugins don’t work on free versions under WordPress or Blogspot. Don’t be cheap, make your website run on a quality domain, as you’ll be able to get your money back soon. These are the essential factors that you can definitely optimize by yourself and profit not only from ads placement but from quality improvement as well. We value our users and make sure they get a proper reward for all the work they put into their websites. As always, MageNet is devoted to your success and helps you earn more when monetizing your websites. Check on your website’s Quality Rank here.
Source: https://www.magenet.com/quality-reward/

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