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How you can make money on YouTube without AdSense

3 strategies to monetize your YouTube channel

Running a YouTube channel is a great way to make some extra cash, with many people out there creating a successful full-time career from the platform.

When you think about how a Youtuber earns their cash, the first thing that likely comes to mind is ad revenue. However, it’s been getting increasingly difficult to earn AdSense revenue through YouTube.

you’re wanting to earn decent cash, you’ll need to be raking in hundreds of thousands of views.

So, what other revenue streams can you pursue? Today we’ll be discussing three ways you can monetize your YouTube channel so you can earn more.

How does AdSense work and how much can you make with it?

AdSense is an ad network that works alongside Google Ads and Google Display Network to create tailored ads for visitors to your website based on their cookies/tracking data.

Whenever a business signs up for AdWords, they’re automatically enrolled into the Google Display Network alongside millions of other businesses meaning that business A shows ads on business B’s website without having to ask that website directly. When they register for this, they pay a certain amount per click (CPC) or per 1,000 views (CPM).

So how can you make money from Google AdSense on YouTube?

PPC ads appear on your YouTube channel, not just on websites. Every time an ad is viewed you get a percentage of that payment. If someone clicks on an ad link, you’ll earn more of the CPC paid by the publisher (68%).

Disadvantages of completely relying on AdSense

  • In the early days, you’re not going to see much revenue from AdSense, especially if your views are relatively low. Many say you don’t see the big bucks until you’re hitting 1,000,000 subscribers, however, you can still earn a primary income from YouTube with far less. Even if you just get 2,000 views per day, you could potentially generate $1,000 in revenue per month from this.
  • Also, YouTube doesn’t let you monetize certain types of videos and are constantly changing their guidelines so you need to stay up to date on them.
  • There’s nothing to fall back on. If AdSense suddenly removes you from their platform, you’ve lost 100% of your income, which is why you should have multiple revenue streams so all your eggs aren’t in one basket.

3 ways to earn money on YouTube without AdSense

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Getting brand sponsorships
  3. Donations from your audience

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