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How To Start a Blog in Less than an Hour ??

So, you decided to start a blog. It is not a difficult task as you may think. Anyone can start and manage a blog and make it profitable with basic knowledge of internet operations.

You should blog about a topic in which you are comfortable. It could be anything like fashion, technology, social media, health, etc. Find profitable keywords that can bring more page visits from search engines and divert money to your bank account. Google Keyword Planner or premium SEO tools like SEMrush will help you to detect trending keywords in your niche. 

Spend your time in keyword research, create backlinks, and build a relationship with niche experts as well as fellow bloggers. Develop good quality posts and market them on social sites to get quick traffic to your pages. Blogging communities and niche forums are other popular places to promote content and get more link clicks. 

Are you ready to start a blog and make a stable income from it?

Let’s start. 

Start a Blog in less than an Hour

Today we’re going to tell you how to start a blog quickly in less than an hour.

1. Find a domain name
domain name suggestions

A domain name represents your blog infront of others. It should be simple, keyword specific, and memorable. It’s better to avoid using numbers, hyphens, and other special characters in your domain address.

Domain name suggestion tools will help you to pick the right domain you want. They will generate several names based on the main keyword you entered. Change search settings to set your keyword position, domain name length, and others.

Popular domain name suggestion tools are,

Enter your keywords and they will let you know whether the domain name is already registered or not. If available, you can go to the next step. Otherwise, look for alternative options having similar keywords.

2. Domain registration

How To Start a Blog in Less than an Hour (Step-by-Step Guide) 4

Domain name registration is the next step. Approach a domain registrar to purchase the domain. So you can use it for blog and develop a strong community around it. Learn Top 10 Best Domain Registrars for 2020.

There are more than 280 domain name extensions available till this writing. The com domains are more popular among them. They have a global value. Even though, you can also consider many other extensions including .net, .blog, .tech, .org, etc based on your business type. The domain registration and renewal charges vary with each extension.

Popular domain registrars are,

Search for domains using keywords, choose extensions, and if available, buy them. Add domain privacy protection to hide your information from appearing in domain searches. The minimum tenure to book domains is 1 year. You can pay amount for up to 10 years in advance. Add your credit card details to automatically renew your domain every year. You can also do it manually to get timely discounts and offers.

Hosting Deal for Your Website

Choose a fast and stable web host as next. A good hosting provider deliver your site faster and protect them against hacking attempts, malicous code injections, etc.

A fast loading website ranks higher in search engine results and get more page visits. There are several things that will influence your page performance and traffic. Consider the following points while choosing a hosting service,

  • SSD technology
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Built-in caching

Choose a SSD hosting and serve content through a CDN to reduce your page loading time. Server level caching is another key feature many hosts have these days to preload content and boost website performance.

4. Install WordPress

Top 10 WordPress Website Optimization Tips to Increase Visitors Engagement

WordPress is easy to use and flexible platform to launch any kind of website. Anyone can handle it with a basic internet knowledge. So install WordPress as next. It takes only a few moments to install WordPress on your blog.

Locate WordPress autoinstaller on your cPanel to create an admin account and install WordPress. If you are unsure about how it works, contact GreenGeeks supports through live chat and they will manage the installation for you.

After successful installation, they will send admin credentials to your primary email address. Use them to access your admin panel.

5. Find and install a WordPress theme

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Install a light-weight and mobile-friendly theme on your blog. WordPress theme library contains a huge collection of free themes in different categories. Visit the ‘Appearance’ menu from the left pane of your WordPress dashboard, then ‘Themes’ to view and install themes.

If you are not satisfied with them, find a beautiful and secure WordPress theme from third-party developers. Make sure that your desired theme can handle all modern-day challenges like search engine and mobile optimization, customization, speed, and other characteristics you need to manage a blog.

6. Install essential plugins

Hosting Deal for Your Website

WordPress plugins are add-ons to extend the functionalities of your website. It can be used for optimization, backup, social media sharing, marketing, and more.

Mouse hover Plugins on the left pane of your admin panel and choose ‘Add New’ to install plugins on your blog. WordPress will display and organize plugins across categories and tags on the page. Find and install WordPress plugins that you need to run the blog smoothly.

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