How to Recover Deleted DCIM Folder on Any Device??

 ‘I accidently deleted my DCIM folder on SD card while copying it to laptop. How can I recover DCIM folder photos and videos now? It had almost 1000 photos of family and kids captured with my Android phone. Please help’

There are several such complaints related to loss of photos and videos from DSIM folders found in digital cameras, camcorders, or Android phones.

If you have also deleted or lost the DCIM folder and its photos, then know here how to recover DCIM folder from PC, Mac, SD card of a camera, or iPhone. The solution here applies to all the digital cameras and smartphones. Be it Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Fuji, Realmi, Oppo, HTC, LG, Google Nexus, Motorola, or others.

What is DCIM folder?

DCIM stands for Digital Camera Images. It is a dedicated photos and videos folder created on Android, digital cameras, digicams, camcorders, iPhone, Tabs or Notes, etc. This folder saves the photos and videos shot with the imaging device. Almost all imaging devices have a DCIM folder.

DCIM folder is usually saved on the camera SD card. In Android, it can be located in the internal memory of the smartphone. You can also set your Android to save all the recorded pictures and videos of DCIM in the SD card, SDXC, microSD etc., used in your device.

If somehow the DCIM folder is deleted, you can permanently lose all the photos and videos captured with your digital camera, Android, or other imaging device. Hence, it is essential to timely recover deleted DCIM folder before its data is overwritten and lost forever.

Common causes of loss of DCIM folder:

  • Accidental deletion of folder or its photos and videos.
  • Sudden interruption during photo transfer process from smartphone to PC.
  • Formatting of SD card.
  • Factory reset of Android or iPhone.

1. Recover DCIM folder on SD card, PC, or Mac with software

Utilize a photo recovery software to recover deleted DCIM folder from PC, Mac, or SD card of Android or digital camera. A media file recovery tool can scan the storage drive and retrieve videos and photos from DCIM folder.

The software can work in various DCIM folder loss situations, such as:

  • Accidently deleted DCIM folder on Android/ digital camera SD card.
  • Videos and photos missing from DSIM folder.
  • DCIM folder shows empty on Windows 10.
  • Formatted the SD card with DCIM folder.

But ensure the DCIM recovery software can retrieve JPEG, RAW, MP4, AVI, MOV, or other file formats of your camera photos and videos. It should be capable to work upon formatted or corrupted SD cards of your Android, digital camera, or hard drive.

You may try the popularly used Stellar Photo Recovery software for DCIM folder recovery. It is compatible with all types of SD cards used in Android, DSLR, digicam, etc. You can recover photos in DCIM folders of Nikon, Samsung, Canon, Redmi, Vivo, Sony, Olympus, and other cameras. The software can also restore deleted videos recordings in DCIM folder.

To assess the software, take the free trial. You can scan and preview your deleted DCIM photos. Alternatively, choose to use its free photo recovery version that can recover up to 250MB photos and videos for free from DCIM folder.

Steps to recover photos from DCIM folder:

  • Download Stellar Photo Recoverysoftware on your PC/ Mac. Connect the camera or Android SD card to computer from which you lost the DCIM folder.
  • On home screen of the software, select the SD card/storage drive for scanning.
  • Click ‘Scan’.
  • Once the scan process finishes, the software will display the recoverable files and folders. Click to open the DCIM folder on the left pane. Preview the photos and videos and click ‘Recover’.
  • In the dialog box, click ‘Browse’. Select location for saving the recovered DCIM folder.

2. Recover DCIM folder on PC via Command Line

In case the DCIM folder on SD card shows empty on Windows or the photos are deleted, you can try to recover it using the chkdsk command in CMD.

Steps to recover DCIM folder on PC:

  • Remove and reinsert the Android SD card to PC.
  • Open Run dialog box, type CMD, and press Enter to open command window.
Steps to recover DCIM folder on PC:
  • Enter chkdsk <SD card drive letter/f > (e.g., chkdsk G: /f). Press Enter. Wait until the process finishes.

Now, open your SD card. You should be able to see the DCIM folder and the photos saved in it.

3. Recover deleted DCIM folder on iPhone

If you have lost photos and videos from DCIM folder on iPhone or iPad, recover them from the backup. Check your iCloud and iTunes backup folders that may contain deleted photos and videos shot using iPhone.

If you can’t find your photos in backup, an iPhone recovery software can come as your savior. Tools like Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone can recover deleted photos and videos from iPhone’s DCIM folder.


It’s common to plug in or connect your Android or digital camera to computer to transfer its photos and videos. But during transfer, cleaning, or organizing photos of your device, you may accidentally delete the DCIM folder or its files.

Immediately, get the best software to recover DCIM folder on Android, PC, Mac, or iPhone.

Here we recommend an effective and fast Stellar Photo Recovery. You can recover thousands of photos and videos in no time from your SD card or computer.

Nevertheless, first, take the free trial and be assured about successful DCIM folder recovery from your camera SD card or PC.