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7 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO (Free and Premium)

Keyword research plays a vital role in SEO. Finding the most searched keywords will help you increase your organic traffic and grow your business.

Whether you are an online business owner or a blogger, doing keyword research will help you understand the latest trends in the industry. Create new content and improve existing ones accordingly to attract more visitors to your website. But you need a powerful tool to guide you in the proper way.

Today, we prepared a list of best keyword research tools on the planet. Some of them are free and provide in-depth metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC rate, searching trends, etc. Analyze those things to find low-competition keywords and rank higher in SERPs easily.

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Best Keyword Research Tools

These are the top keyword research tools in 2021,

1. SEMrush

SEMrush keyword research

SEMrush is the leader of keyword research and SEO. It provides the most accurate and the latest data on the keyword you entered. By default, you will see metrics from the desktop users in the United States. But you can change those filters on top to spy on searches in your region.

SEMrush will show the average difficulty for your keyword, CPC, global search volume, and trends as the first. Scroll down to explore them in detail.

SEMrush keyword variations

SEMrush will organize keyword results in different sections like variations, questions, related keywords, and others. SERP analysis is a major advantage of SEMrush keyword research. It will list the top 100 webpages ranked for the keyword along with the number of backlinks they have, search traffic, and ranking keywords.

SEMrush SERP analysis

Click a link to get additional details including top organic keywords, traffic cost, position changes, and others. Open URL in a new tab to know what information is covered there. Do this for other top-ranking pages as well. If you create a unique article with all relevant information, it will rank better in Google search results.

Key Features

  • Total search volume by countries
  • Keyword difficulty, CPC rate, and competitive density
  • Search trends for the last 12 months
  • Advanced filters to find low-competition, profitable keywords
  • SERP analysis
  • Keyword Manager to add and manage keywords

SEMrush Pricing 

SEMrush offers three subscription plans,

Pro: Best for bloggers, marketers, and start-ups. 3000 reports per day + 10,000 rows per report + 3 website projects + 500 keywords to track + 10 social profiles to post + 50 social profiles to monitor = $99.95/mo

Guru: Best for small-scale businesses and agencies. 5000 reports per day + 30,000 rows per report + 15 website projects + 1,500 keywords to track + 30 social profiles to post + 100 social profiles to monitor = $199.95/mo

Business: Best for agencies, businesses, and eCommerce projects. 10,000 reports per day + 50,000 rows per report + 25 website projects + 5000 keywords to track + 50 social profiles to post + 50 social profiles to monitor = $399.95/mo

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs keyword research

Ahrefs is one of the best keyword research tools in 2020. It helps you to find popular search queries in Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, and others. Results will appear along with their keyword difficulty, search volume, number of clicks, CPC, etc.

Search for keywords either individually or as a list. Set your target location to know how people search for the keyword in your region.

Ahrefs keyword analysis

Click a keyword to find related keywords, questions, and others. Use filters to find less-competitive, high-paying keywords in your niche. Enter certain words (For eg, login, signup, email) to remove unnecessary keyword ideas from the list.

Key Features

  • Search volume by countries
  • Keyword difficulty, CPC, and number of clicks
  • Advanced filters
  • Word count search

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs has four subscription plans,

Lite: Best for bloggers and marketers. 500 tracked keywords + 175 reports per week and 1000 rows per report (Keyword explorer) + 5 website projects = $99/mo

Standard: Best for startups and agencies. 1500 tracked keywords + 700 reports per week and 5000 rows per report (Keyword explorer) + 10 website projects = $179/mo

Advanced: Best for businesses. 5000 tracked keywords + 1400 reports per week and 25000 rows per report (Keyword explorer) + 25 website projects = $399/mo

Agency: Best for large enterprises and top-tier agencies. 10,000 tracked keywords + 7000 reports per week and 1,00,000 rows per report (Keyword explorer) + 100 website projects = $999/mo

3. LongTailPro


LongTailPro helps you to find the highest-paying long-tail keywords easily. Enter your keyword and set your target location to get less competitive keywords in your niche. It will show keywords along with their average keyword difficulty, volume, bid, and competition level to understand how it works for you.

LongTailPro retrieves almost accurate metrics for the keyword you searched. Click a keyword in the results to see related keywords that match your query. SERP analysis is a major part of LongTail keyword research. Find who ranks for your keyword and analyze those pages to discover your ranking opportunities.

Key Features

  • Search volume, bid rate, and keyword difficulty
  • Advanced filters to find easy to rank long-tail keywords
  • SERP analysis
  • SERP rank tracker

LongTailPro Pricing

LongTailPro has three pricing plans,

Starter: Best for beginners. 800 keyword lookups/day + 800 SERP lookups/day + 30 tracked keywords = $25/mo

Pro: Best for startups and growing businesses. 2500 keyword lookups/day + 2500 SERP lookups/day + 200 tracked keywords = $45/mo

Agency: Best for agencies. 6000 keyword lookups/day + 6000 SERP lookups/day + 1000 tracked keywords = $98/mo

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